Scholarships Offered at the University of Toronto

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The University of Toronto is one of the top schools in Canada providing thousands of scholarships each year for students. Currently, there are over 4,400 undergraduate scholarships available at the university and thousands more available for graduate students.


Offer of  a scholarship in Canada makes it easy for international students to reduce the cost of tuition, accommodation, transportation, etc. while also studying in some of the best schools in the world. The Canadian government wants to bring in as many international students as possible. This is because they understand the important contribution and positive impact international students have had on the nation’s economy in recent years. The Canadian government along with Universities and other private bodies each year provides thousands of scholarships to help attract more students to the country.

The University of Toronto is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada. Each year thousands of students who apply to study in the school are awarded fully-funded or partially-funded scholarships to study any course program at different levels in the school. The scholarships are not just available to international students, there are some for domestic students who are already based in Canada.


Procedures for award of Scholarships  at the University of Toronto

The scholarships come with different requirements and specifications, so many of the scholarships international students apply to are based on the academic excellence of applying students, while some are for students who demonstrate financial need or those who lack the means to afford their studies in Canada.

Many of the scholarships provided at the University are awarded automatically mainly during the first year at the university, however, there are still some awards that stretch for 2 to 5 years. There are also some scholarships that require applicants to submit separate applications different from the admission application form.



it is worthy to note that not all the scholarship are designed to cover the full cost of your tuition so, in such situations, it is advised to find other financial sources to aid you. The scholarships offered at this university are also very competitive. Prestigious scholarships such as The U of T Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship receive thousands of applications each year, so you should expect stiff competition when you apply.

Top Scholarships at the University of Toronto for bachelor’s students

You find scholarships and research programs for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels in the university for international and domestic students.

University of Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program


This is a fully-funded scholarship provided for domestic and international students at the University of Toronto. A total of 30 to 50 students receive this award each year when they meet the requirements.

President’s Scholars of Excellence Program

Scholarship award for students with outstanding academic records and performance. The scholarship award is also available to students applying for an undergraduate degree at the university. Recipients receive 10,000 CAD at the time of commencement of their Toronto UG program.

U of T Engineering International Scholar Award

Scholarship award for engineering students who are undertaking an undergraduate degree course at the university. The award amount of up to 20,000 CAD is offered to the selected students.

University of Toronto Scholars Program

International and domestic students who secure this scholarship will receive 7,500 CAD as the award benefits for this scholarship.

Top Scholarships at the University of Toronto for Master’s and Doctorate students

Connaught International Scholarship

This scholarship is available for graduate students undertaking a master’s program at the university. The scholarship award covers the tuition cost for your master’s course program.

Delta Kappa Gamma World Fellowships

All-female applicants including International and domestic students who secure this scholarship will receive 4,000 CAD as the award benefits for this scholarship

Mackenzie King Open & Travelling Scholarship

Masters students who are applying to study at UoT are required to have a minimum grade of “A” (85%, 3.85/4.00) to qualify for this scholarship. The scholarship award offers 10,500 CAD to qualified students.

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