Top 10 Best Tech Companies Canada & Salaries 2021

Top 10 Best Tech Companies Canada & Salaries 2021

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10 Best Tech Companies In Canada

Today we will be looking at 10 best tech Companies In Canada.

Over the years in Canada Tech companies has contributed efficiently to the economic development of Canada, so today we will be looking at the Top 10 Best Technologies companies to work for in Canada.

When we are talking about tech contribution, in the building of nations economy, it can never be over emphasized.

As over the years the Tech world has not just developed so many countries economy.

It has also impacted in the economy development of this planet earth.

By creating alot employment opportunities for people.

In the year 2012 the USA Bureau of labour statistics half of the job in the USA requires Some kind of Technological Skills.

As of the year 2020 is has increase to over 77%.

And lots of people are already cashing out from this,

because they where able to learn a technological skill which is of high demand in the Labour Market.

With over 37.9 Million People in Canada.

Just this Year 2021, In Canada The tech industry have generated over 7.8 Million Jobs.

Amazing right?

Right now there are over 500 Thousand Tech Businesse Establishment in Canada.

Which contributes to 10% of the Nations Economy.

So right now it is only an unwise Government or nations,

that have not already started investing heavily in the Technological Industry.

Enough of the talk

Lets look at the Top 10 Tech Companies/Industries In Canada.



google 485611 1280


Coming as the number one Top 10 Best Tech Companies in Canada is Google.

Google is Multi Billion Dollar Technology company that was found by Sergey Brin And Larry Page, while they where in Stamford University 1995, which was turned into a private company in the year 1998

Over the years Google has built it self as the world leading Internet search engine, as almost everybody on earth has used the search engine network.

As everything one is in search of, is found there.

Over the years the Technology company Google has been able to Generate over 132,121 Employment and the numbers keeps increasing daily.

With its Head Quarters in California USA.

The Tech Company has contributed effectively to the economy growth of the the nation.

Not only that, it also delivers efficiently Internet services to all the citizens of Canada.

And building a very understanding environment for its staff and users.

Which as placed it as our number best tech job in Canada.

On daily basis the Google Tech industry rolls out products like Google Maps, Google Translate, Google Chrome, Google Calendar.

Which in one way or another is helping small & large scale businesses in Canada.

Amazing stats show that Google has been and is still contributing to the economic development of Canada as a nation.

With a report by Public Fair in 2020 shows that Google Search and Advertising Services has generated over 23 Billion in economic enterprise.

For more than  500 thousand small, medium and large scale Enterprise in Canada.

Which is contributing to the continuous growth of the the GDP in Canada.

They also help in employing a good number of Canadian citizens who are enjoying benefits for working for a big Tech Company like Google.

We just hope that they keep up their good work, because they knowing or Unknowingly pulling lots of people out of Poverty.


When it comes payment of salaries, Google workers or Staff take home a very attractive salary of $120119 Yearly.



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Coming in the number 2 spot of the Top 10 Best Tech Company is Microsoft.

Microsoft is a multi billion Dollar Technology Company which was founded in the year 1975 by Bill Gates Paul Allen.

Who is among the top 10 Richest Men on earth with a net worth of 131 Billion Us Dollar.

With a Networth of over 1 Trillion USA Dollar as of the year 2019,which i am sure right now it would have had a significant increase.

Microsoft technology industry are specialised in production of computer software, social networking services,  personal computers, consumer electronics, video games and so much more.

With its head quarters in Redmond, Washington, United States.

The company has built its offices in different countries around the world with Canada being included.

With its head office at Canada in
1950 Meadowvale Blvd.

We made the Microsoft our Second best Tech Companies in Canada because of the various services which it provides Canadian.

Which turns around the contribute to the economy development of Canada and Canadian.

They have this products which enables individuals and industries in Canada to carry out their various activities effectively without little or no problems.

The products varies from Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, Operating system and so much much.

With other online services which Canadian drive joy from using.

Which has led to the successful operation of the Microsoft Tech Company.

While they make a good amount of money from citizens of Canada, they employ their citizens as their staffs across the nation.

Also giving them an amazing working environment.

Which led them to awarded as one of the best places to work in Canada in the Year 2021.

Which contributes to the Growth of the GDP of Canada as a country.


Microsoft is not only one of the leading Tech Industry in Canada for their good working environment but also by the attractive salaries most of their workers go home with on a yearly basis with

$30000 too $180000



iphone 563071 1920


With Headquarter in Califonia USA and one of its offices in Canada

Apple is Multi Billion dollars company founded by Steven Paul Jobs in the year 1975.

Steve Jobs who died in the year 2011 at age 56 was worth about A Billion Dollar before his Demise.

Though with his death, it did not stop the growth Apple, which has now turned to be a Billion Dollar Tech Company.

The Tech Company which is specialised in Mobile Phones, Laptops its softwares and so much.

They built their products in such unique way that everybody wants to use them or people who can’t afford them are waiting for the day they would use them.

Which has generated thousands of employment opportunities in the whole Canada only.

Their apple products are used by over 70% percent of Canada Citizen make use of Apple Products.

Which resulted to them to build one of their offices in Canada. As well as generate thousands of jobs for its citizens.

Apple which has always been ranked as one of the best places to work in Canada with creation of an amazing working environment for it workers.


Payments of good salaries and pensions is also one of the reasons why they racked as the Top Best Tech Companies in Canada.

They Pay Their Staff with over




images 9

Top Canada Tech

Coming in the number 4 position as of the best Tech Companies to be found in Canada.

Is a billion dollar Tech Industry which was founded in the Year 1981 by David Goldman, Paul Muller & Sir Graham Wylie CBE.

With is head quarters located in England United Kingdom with offices in over 24 Countries.

And Canada being among the countries where the Tech Companies has one of its office.

The company which is right now a multinational Enterprise Software company.

Which over has built its trust in the mind of over 6 million customers world wide.

With a Networth ranging to billions of dollars.

The company has successfully built a foundation for it self when it comes Tech Softwares which aids its users to carry out various activities on the Internet.

Some of the activities includes accounting, finances, payroll, payments and operations of millions of its users that are all over the globe.

In Canada they have successfully built a very nice working environment for its different staff and workers.

Which has earned them to be one of the best Tech Industries In Canada.

That Contributing heavily to economy development of Canada as a nation and its citizens.

Though they are not as big as Google, Apple and the rest of them.

But they doing amazingly well when it comes to human resources and development of its users and workers.

Who are also doing their part in the steady improvement and development of the Stage Company.


STAGE tech Industry pays it wokers

$35000 – $150000

5. SAP


1200px SAP 2011 logo.svg 1

Tech Company In Canada

SAPb is a Tech Industry with its branches in over a 100 Countries and Canada being one them.

SAP is a Garman Multinational Software Corporation based in Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg.

The Tech company which was foundsed in the year 1972 by

Dietmar Hopp, Hans-Werner Hector, Hasso Plattner, Klaus Tschira & Claus Wellenreu ther.

Over the Years the The company has built its self as one the market leaders in Enterprise Application Software.

Which has made it to be come one of the most successful Non-American Software Company.

With one of its Company in Canada.

SAP has delivered adequate tools and machanisim which has contributed

and is still contributing to the growth of small scale or large scale businesses in Canada.

With its products and tools SAP has helped businesses in Canada in delivering quality services to its customers across the nation.

Not only that they help in the sustainability of businesses in Canada,

they also have this good working environment for every single Staff Of SAP in all theor offices accross the globe.

Which earned them to make the list of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in Canada in 2021.

When a company like SAP helps the growth of businesses in nation, you don’t need to be told about their impact in the development of nations economy.

As when Business strives in a country so as the economy of that nation strives too.





Salesforce is one of those companies that every business owner accross the world should know about.

As its the wire that connects a business owner and his or her customers or consumers.

Building a very healthy & good relationship between a business owner and it users or consumers.

With its head quarters in The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

The company was found in the year 1999 by Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff & Frank.

The cloud-based company over the years has successfully been able to build this healthy connection between various businesses and their various customers.

And in Canada they are also doing the same,

they provid business owners with this various tools that helps in the successful relationship between various business and its users.

The tools helps to communicate with their customers which also helps in solving of the customer issues.

For some years now the SALESFOURCE has been in Canada, and even the disabled people in the country can feel the great impact the tech company is having on the country.


Wth the Favourable environment they give most of their staff to work in, SALESFOURCE pays its workers




1200px Ericsson 2018.svg


Coming on the number 7 spot as one of the best Tech Companies to work for is ERICSSON.

One of the world largest Information and communication Technology ERICSSON.

Which is Swedish networking and telecommunication company with its headquarters in Stockholm, with offices in over 180 countries.

Thw company is into selling of Infrastructure software and services in the Information and Communication Technologies.

With over 100,000 staffs who are in various countries where their various offices of Ericsson is are located.

Where they do sell the 3G,4G and recently released 5G network to their various users who arr in need of it.

Over the Years now the ERICSSON Technology has always retained its position as one of the best Tech company in Canada.

That every tech guru would definitely want to work for with the way they provide services which helps to aid businesses to deliver quality services to their verious customers across the nation.

They also have this flexible working environment for their various staffs, which earned to be among one the best place to work in Canada.

They also contribute to the economy development of Canada.


ERICSSON Pays its staffs about

$144000 Yearly





One of the world best multinational professional services company ACCENTURE.

Makes it on the 10 Best Company to work for in Canada, They Deliver Top notch strategy, consulting, technology, digital and operations services for its various users all over the world.

ACCENTURE Which is located in about 120 countries in world with Canada being included.

The Tech Company was founded in the year 1989 with is headquarters in Ireland.

And it was founded by David Rowland.

Who helped in the development of the the Tech Company ACCENTURE.

Which today has turned into a billion Dollar Company which provides services to various individuals and businesses in the world.

In Canada they have contributed heavily to the growth of the countriea economy by providing

a List consulting services to businesses in Canada.

In Canada right now they are one of most sort out tech company to work for.

Because of the flexible working environment they make for their staff.

This has contributed to them being recognised as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers and Greater Toronto’s Top Employers.

An award that was given to them because of the benefits they make available for their various staffs in the country Canada.

Which is one out of many Award which they have been giving in the country.


ACCENTURE salary ranges from

$27000 too $100000


images 10


Coming on the number 9 spot as one the best Tech Industries/companies to work for is INFOSYS.

The Billion Dollar Tech Company which was founded in the year 1981

With its Headquarters in India, and has branches in over 40 countries with Canada being included.

The IT Services / IT Consulting Tech Company was founded by a good number of people which includes

N.R. Narayana Murthy, Nandan Nilekani, S. Gopalakrishnan, S. D. Shibulal, K. Dinesh, N. S. Raghavan & Ashok Arora.

Who all contribution to the 2nd Most Largest India IT Company.

The Tech company has had a very very help in the development of the Canadian economy.

As since its office was built in Canada, it has provided businesses with Top Notch Consulting Services. Which has contributed to the growth of many businesses in the country.

One of the the innovating solutions provided to Canadian citizens includes Reskill and Restart,

Which was crated in other to help wokers to acquire a particular skill of their choice which helps in fulfillment of their employment requirement.

All this has placed on the pecking order as one of the best place to work in Canada.


Their salary ranges from

$45000 – 150000



images 1


Now the last but not definitely the least, coming on

the number 10 position is a multi million dollar Tech company known as INTUIT.

The Financial Software Company.

Is a Tech Company which is specialised in making of sale of financial, accounting, and tax preparation software.

Also providing financial services to various individuals and businesses around the world.

With its Headquarters in United States Of America.

The Financial software company was founded in the year 1983 by Scott Cook, Tom Proul x.

Over some years now the years the company has turned out to be one the highly rated Financial Institute.

Now since their office was built in Canada.

They have done their part in the development of The Canadian Economy through providing financial software to various businesses and individuals in the country.

They also have a very good working environment for thier various staffs and workers in Canada.

Which as lend to the being name one of the best places to work in Canada.


They pay most of their staffs

$100000 – $200000


And These are the Top 10 Best Tech Companies in Canada.