15 Universities with Low or No Application Fees in Canada 2022

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Are you an international student that want to study in Canada? or Perhaps you have been asking for schools without application fees in canada.


well, today is your lucky day as we have put together a list of schools in Canada that require CHEAP or NO application fee in 2022.

Recently, I have heard someone complaing that he spent a total of $ 240 to apply to two universities in Canada (charged $ 120 each for application) and both universities declined his admission and application fee was never refunded.


That not withstanding, you can’t blame the schools in question. I know you will be asking why? well, do know what an application fee is when it comes to university or college application?

let me explain

What is Application Fee?


The application fee is non-refundable amount of money paid by an applicant when seeking admission in a school. This fee varies from one school to another.

So once you’ve applied and paid, the application fee is never refundable.

Many international students have lost hope of studying abroad because of the amounts spent on their application without being considered by any of the universities or at least receiving a refund for the money spent.

What can you Do if you don’t Have Application Fee?


If you’ve ever applied for admission in Canada, you would find that almost all schools in Canada charge an application fee from international students.

These fees are not a guarantee that you will be admitted or considered at all. These universities claim that the money will be used for logistics and that money will not be returned in this regard.

You may be billed up to $ 150 per application for undergraduate studies and up to $ 250 for postgraduate studies.

Imagine you have around 10 schools in Canada to apply for postgraduate or undergraduate programs and each one charges you that large amount.

In the end, you’ll end up spending half of your tuition fees on just application for admission, and in the worst case scenario, these universities could turn you all down and your money will be wasted.

I advise international students who want to study abroad to first look for universities with no application fees.

First, apply for admission to these universities and see how they respond. If you are accepted, you know that you also have a chance to be admitted to one of the universities that are subject to fees.

That being said here are Universities in Canada Without Application Fees For International Students

Universities in Canada Without Application Fees For International Students

universities without application fees in canada
universities without application fees in canada
Royal Roads University
Quest University International
Redeemer University
Booth University College
Fairleigh Dickinson University
The University Of Winnipeg
Mount Allison University
University Of Victoria
University Of New Brunswick
Tyndale University, Canada
Centennial College
#1. Royal Roads University

Royal Roads University is one of the universities in Canada with no application fee. If you apply for the university online, you will not be charged an application fee and your application for admission will always be checked qualitatively to determine whether you are eligible for admission.

Royal Roads University is a public university in Colwood, British Columbia. They offer Bachelor, Master and PhD courses for local and international students. This university has about five thousand students a year.

#2. Quest University International

Quest University International also does not charge application fees for international students who apply online before the application deadline. You can charge a fee for accepting applications that are received after the application deadline.

Quest University is a privately funded institution in Squamish, British Columbia. The school is small and only takes about 700 students a year. They focus most of their specialties in the liberal arts and sciences.

As one of the top universities in Canada with no application fees, Quest University has successfully attracted, admitted, and graduated large numbers of international students.

#3. Redeemer University

Redeemer University also offers free applications for international students, but like Quest University, charges fees for applications received after the application deadline. This means that if you want to apply to the university without paying an application fee, you have to apply on time.

The Redeemer is located in Ontario, Canada. It is a kind of “religious” university in Canada and combines academic and religious activities.

As one of the top universities in Canada with no application fees, Redeemer University has received thousands of admission applications from international students, and many of them who are qualified for admission have been able to walk through this great citadel of learning.

#4. Booth University College

Booth University College is one of the most popular schools in Canada with no application fees, but it does collect a CAD 500 fee from applicants considered for admission. It is up to the student to secure their admissions window and this is only required for advanced and admitted candidates.

If you are looking for universities or colleges in Canada with no application fee here, these universities should be your starting point for your search.

If you have any questions about the information on this page or related questions, feel free to link your question using the comment box below and you will be sure that I will answer it promptly.

#5. Fairleigh Dickinson University

Another leading Canadian university with low to no application fees is Fairleigh Dickinson University.

As an admissions applicant, you can visit the school’s official website to complete the online application form and download all required documents for a fee until you apply online.

That said, applying online to Fairleigh Dickinson University is the only way the university can waive your application fee.

#6. The University of Winnipeg

Additionally, the University of Winnipeg is no longer one of the universities in Canada without an application fee as the University of Winnipeg charges a non-refundable application fee of CAN $ 120 for international students. It’s a precision of the university.

However, it is one of the best institutions in the country that offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees with the faculties of education, art, natural sciences and kinesiology, business and economics, including applied faculties.

#7. Mount Allison University

Even if this university was not on the list of cheapest institutions in Canada, it is one of the universities with no application fee in Canada.

Another notable factor that has distinguished Alison University in our ranking over the years is the planning of this institution’s annual and semester calendar.

However, it is also important that you visit the official website for a more in-depth review as the facts can now change depending on when you access this page.

Please note that if you are applying to this institution outside of the US and Canada, you may have to pay an application fee of $ 50.

This may of course differ from the original title of this book, “15 Universities in Canada No Application Fee”, but in the real sense these changes were made after the original article was compiled.

What it really represents is that it may not be possible to get a completely zero (no) application fee to a university in Canada.

So, one of the things to look out for is the ease with which these schools are accepted and their cost.

To learn more about this school, we encourage you to visit the Mount Alison University official website for review and application.

#8. University of Victoria

The University of Victoria is one of the universities in Canada with no application fee. However, upon acceptance, students are required to pay a deposit of USD 200.

We believe that you understand the difference between the application fee and the acceptance deposit, as can be seen on the application portal for Bachelor programs.

For further courses of study, this portal can also be used for your apparently free online application.

When it comes to infrastructure development, landscape and the mindset of excellence, the University of Victoria is always ready to answer questions from aspirants from around the world.

Interestingly, this school spends over $ 12 million on scholarships and other funding programs for international and domestic students.

If you are looking for schools in Canada that will fund your research, study, and more, this is a great choice.

The school’s official website found that the enrollment fee is accepted by students from certain countries.

For this reason, it is important that you clarify your position on this waiver before proceeding with the online inquiry.

A more complete and authentic version of this information can be found on the university’s official website.

#9. New Brunswick University

The University of New Brunswick was founded in 1785. The school is standard and well equipped with plenty of academic equipment and staff. By default, like this university, it does not charge its applicants any application fees.

In addition, the University of New Brunswick has two main campuses, located in Saint John and Fredericton, New Brunswick. The school offers 75 undergraduate programs as well as research programs in more than 35 areas.

Overall, the University of New Brunswick, Canada, is another Canadian university that gives top priority to students from the seven countries in the world that are banned from entering the United States.

#10. Tyndale University, Canada

Tyndale University is a toll-free university in Canada, based in Ontario, dedicated to the pursuit of truth, right teaching, learning, and research.

It also aims to enrich the spirit, heart, and character to serve the Church.

The university has been around for over a century.

It’s a not-for-profit Christian university, albeit small, but with attractive university buildings that can accommodate up to about 1,300 students.

The school offers interesting undergraduate programs in administration, English, pedagogy, history, religious studies, philosophy, etc.

For graduate and post-graduate programs, the university seminar only awards three master’s degrees plus the doctorate in the ministry.

It is important to note that there is no application fee for applicants from Canada and the United States, but there is an application fee for other international students that varies according to the program and academic performance.

#11. Centennial College

Centennial College focuses on preparing graduates for entry into working life and teaching students to be leaders.

The college strives to build lasting partnerships with local communities while preparing our graduates for global success.

The school has an online portal where interested applicants can fill out their application forms without paying a dime.

As a university in Canada with no application fee, international students who choose not to study at Centennial College after accepting an offer will be charged a non-refundable tuition fee.

In addition, there are many undergraduate and postgraduate disciplines for international and domestic students. Fantastic disciplines like mass communication, engineering, business administration, mental health and many more.


The University of Saskatchewan is located in the city of Saskatoon.

The university offers courses, diplomas and certificates in over 100 fields of study at 17 different universities and schools.

The University of Saskatchewan believes in remarkable resilience and a commitment to problem solving.

It is considered to be one of the cheapest universities in Canada with affordable tuition fees and more scholarships for international students.

Although there is an application fee of $ 90, tuition fees average $ 6,536.46 / year

Visit the official University of Saskatchewan website for more information

Frequently Asked Questions About universities without application fees in Canada

Which university in Canada has the lowest tuition fees?

For example Memorial University of Newfoundland – tuition fees: CAD 2,150-11,460 / year while the University of Regina hovers between CAD 1,715-20,050 / year. Royal Roads University Tuition Fees: $ 3,750- $ 27,600 / year.

How much does it cost for an international student to study in Canada?

Getting a complete picture of what it costs to study in Canada is very relative, but to some extent we give an average overview.

According to Statistics Canada, the average tuition fee for international students in 2019/20 is C $ 29,714 (approximately US $ 22,500) per year. You can also read more about Canadian Visa Application: Cost, Procedure, and Eligibility.

Is education in Canada free for international students?

Public high schools or high schools in Canada are free for residents of the country. Many schools charge international student fees, which can range from approximately $ 8,000 to $ 14,000 per year.


If you’re here to see the full list of the best universities in Canada with no application fees, the above universities and colleges should be your ideal guide – in the list you have schools with low or no fees. If you have any question conserning the above mentioned list please feel free to contact us using the comment box below.

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